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At Weatherseal Window Company, we realize that our clients expect high-quality results when it comes to window repairs in Houston, and that is exactly what we provide!

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At Weatherseal Window Company, one of our specialties is Houston window repair and we know that when something is wrong with your home or business’ windows, you need them fixed fast. Get in touch with us now for an estimate and to schedule an appointment for our Houston window repair experts to visit your home or business.

In fact, we have been helping our community with the best Houston repair services since 1984, Just like with any other service that you might need from time to time, experience matters when it comes to getting the job done right in this business! So if you are looking for Houston window installers who will not let you down, you came to the right place. Throughout the years we have performed countless window repairs and replacements for projects of all types and sizes. Your home or business might have window frames made out of wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, or other materials, and no matter what goes wrong with them, we can take care of the issue for you!


Moisture getting through window frames

One of the most common issues that home and business owners come to us about has to do with moisture getting through their windows. If this moisture is not properly addressed, it will cause unnecessary mold and rotting. But it does not have to be that way because we are dedicated to window installation in Houston and we can help.

Rotting window sills

Most people do not realize why their windows have window sills even though they serve a very important function. Window sills are attached to a window frame’s trim and are absolutely necessary to help keep your windows in place. As important as that function sounds, window sills serve an even more important function and that is to keep water out. Without window sills, water and snow would find their way inside and that is never a good thing because it can lead to mold and rot around your window and inside your walls. Unfortunately, because of this, your window sills take a beating and will eventually begin to rot themselves. The good news is that when this happens, your entire window will not have to be replaced, just the window sills by competent Houston window installers.

Stuck windows?

As any Houston window installer will tell you, a stuck window might not sound like such a big deal, but it really is. Think about it, what would you do right now if the main window in your living room got completely stuck and you could not open it at all? Worse yet, what if it gets stuck while already open? You can’t just leave it like that. Not only does it affect your home’s heating or cooling, but you can’t leave the house until you get it fixed for obvious security reasons. This situation gets even worse if it happens in a business instead of a home. One of the reasons that windows get stuck is that people paint on and around them and the paint causes the issue. Dampness can also be an issue, especially with wooden windows. There are other possible causes as well.

Broken or cracked Glass

When it comes to glass, we all know that it can crack or break for various reasons, especially if it suffers an impact of some sort. If your window’s glass cracks or breaks for whatever reason, Houston window repair is imperative and we can get it done for you fast.

Unwanted drafts

We are Houston window installers and we know that one of the most important things to take into account when installing windows is their energy efficiency. Ideally, a window should not let heat escape during winter or enter during summer, but a lot of situations can lead to window damage that ends up in unwanted drafts. Unfortunately, these drafts cause a lot more damage than just making the room temperature uncomfortable because they are going to cost you a lot of money on heating or cooling costs. This is an issue that a lot of windows end up suffering because of age and other factors, but our Houston window repair experts can counter this with caulking and other methods.

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