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Our Commercial Services

At Weatherseal, we have been in business since 1984 and have consistently helped our commercial clients with window installation in Houston, maintenance and repairs since then. Our team members are highly qualified and have the necessary knowledge and experience to take on any commercial window project of any size. Whether your property is a small store with 5 windows or a huge warehouse with large window configurations, we can take care of any issues that you might have with your windows. Plus, our prices are extremely competitive, so you will not just be getting high-quality results but also saving money! Your windows are much too important to trust to just any company, especially if they do not even have much experience in the field. So do the right thing and choose a company with over a quarter of a century of experience with commercial windows in Houston!

No matter what type of a building or other structure your business calls home, you want it to be as functional as possible so that it keeps going as strong as ever and becomes more and more successful as the years go by.

One of the most essential pieces that you need to have in place in order to make this happen is your property’s windows. There are various advantages that a business can enjoy from having Houston commercial windows installed.

Why Use Our Window Service Houston, TX?

  • Natural light

No matter what kind of business you happen to be in, chances are that you spend a lot more on your electric bill than you want. After all, who doesn’t? But saving on energy costs is imperative to a business and so important that it can even make the difference between having profits or losses. Depending on the design of your building, having a lot of windows can make a big difference with energy consumption during the day because you can take advantage of the sun’s natural light by refraining from using curtains or otherwise obstructing your windows. If you do not have enough windows in certain areas, you might want to consider having some added by Houston window installers. Although it must be said that there are businesses that can benefit more from keeping that natural light out or limiting it by adding a reflective coating to windows. 

  • Natural warmth

The fact that the sun’s powerful rays provide warmth comes as no surprise to anyone! But it is incredible that so few homes or businesses choose to take advantage of it by letting those rays shine through their windows when the weather happens to be cold. While this strategy will not save you a fortune in heating costs, it can help.

  • Added ventilation

If your business is like a lot of others, you have quite a few people in it at all times and ventilation becomes absolutely necessary. The more windows that you have, the more ventilation that your building can enjoy and you should take advantage of that possibility. 

Types of Commercial Windows

If you are thinking about window installation in Houston, there are several things that you have to consider such as energy efficiency, building codes, environmental factors, and curb appeal if they will be in view of customers or the general public. There are various types of window frames available for commercial buildings. These include frames made of metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass, and other material. Which one is right for your particular commercial building depends on various factors. Most commercial buildings utilize tempered glass because it is usually required by law due to its strength and other features such as the fact that it is designed to break into small and harmless pieces if it sustains sudden damage or impact, ensuring the safety of people around it.

Custom jobs

If you happen to have a specific custom job in mind when it comes to commercial windows, we would love to hear about it. Our team members would love to sit down with you and come up with a great strategy that will make your vision a reality while staying within budget because we know that that is extremely important. If you would like more information about what we can do for you, just get in touch as soon as possible. The sooner that you contact us, the sooner that we can make your vision of window installation in Houston a reality!

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